Six Words that Changed my Perspective on Divorce.

One of the biggest reasons I stayed in my failing marriage so long was because I didn’t want to remove my children from the lifestyle we had create...

I know this might sound ridiculous, but for me, moving to Hawaii may have literally saved my life. Let me tell you how. Two years ago, just two months after I walked away from my 6 year marriage,...

Many women don’t even consider the tremendous amount of stress they are under when they are navigating the divorce process. As women, we have a tendency to mask our pain so that our children and o...

It breaks my heart to write this, but another woman died last night. I didn’t know her but that doesn’t ease the pain I feel regarding her death.

The details are unknown to me; only that it was due...

Yes, I know the word of God says a wife is to submit to her husband in all things. Many men like to use that scripture to remind their spouses of their wifely duties. But, what happens if you...

In many cases the pain of divorce is something indescribable. Something we planned would last a lifetime ended as an unfulfilled dream. You fell in love, planned a life together, looked into each...

Are you feeling trapped, living on an emotional roller coaster? Does the thought of leaving scare you?

Download this FREE audio to get 10 steps closer to safely gaining your freedom...more

There are women dying “In the name of Jesus”, staying in abusive relationships in fear of judgment from the very community that is supposed to love them to life....more

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Dating after Divorce ~ Healing Your Heart Before You Start

November 6, 2016

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