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A Threefold Cord Broken is an honest, heartfelt depiction of the journey seven courageous Christian women experienced during the challenge of divorce.


Each gives a glimpse into their marriage, what went wrong, how they navigated the process as a Christian, how they overcame, the lessons learned, and where they are now.

The stories shared will give insight, hope, courage and healing to others. It will enlighten those who think God has abandoned them or will somehow continually punish them for their choice to divorce.

Encouraging, confirming, and reminding women that God may hate divorce, but he will never hate them.


A valuable resource for those who are engaged, married, separated, or divorced.


Kimmoly K. LaBoo
International Speaker*Author*Certified Life Coach

The Christian Divorce Coach

"It's really interesting! The writers are speaking directly to us and telling us their story. It keeps us interested because we want to know what happened next. Very well done!!"

K. Bouchard

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